Customize your own drone/helicopter


We are working together with different companies who are able to either print something on our models or to put stickers on these models. This way you can create your ‘own’ drone or helicopter.


From 3000 pieces we will not charge any extra costs for customizing the drones. The lead time for an order to customize our products is for this amount 12 weeks. For smaller orders the costs of customizing needs to be discussed but the lead time could be reasonably shorter. For these smaller orders will we often use existing models as the basis for your customized drone/helicopter. This means that some parts (e.g. blades and outer box) will be the same compared to our current models.


If you are interested in making your own drone/helicopter or if you want to have more information on this one in order to get an idea of the different possibilities please contact We are looking forward to hearing from you!